Configuration of Asterisk@home versus Business edition

I try to make some basic traning on the free Aterisk@home edition. This installation works rather OK now.

Does the Business version of the Asterisk server contain the AMP graphical configuration environment, or should the Asterisk bussiness edition be configured editing text files ? (Or is there some other graphical/non graphical configuration tools ?)

(Will it be neccessary to learn to do the configuration via text files to be able to use or understand the Bussiness edition ? Can this training eventually be performed on a Asterisk at home installation ?)

Best reg Arne.

As best I know the Asterisk Business Edition does not have a web gui, therefore you will need to learn and understand the configuration file management of Asterisk with the Business Edition. What you are getting with the business edition (see below) is commericial support and upgrades.

Also, to learn the Asterisk basics, you may want to get the book:

Asterisk - The Future of Telephony


Thanks for the info. I believe that you are right, that the business edition does not have a graphic shell.

Any how, I think the Asterix@home edition is a very good start to get some training as you can open the config files to se what happen, and you can also edit them.