Configuration for VOIP provider


We are a small IT company and we would like to start providing VOIP service to our network and support customers.
We have a good Linux knowhow as we provide Linux solutions since many years. However we don’t know so much about telephone technology yet.
We have already installed and configured an asterisk 1.8 which is working as a VOIP server.
Now we would like to go one step further and connect the server to the telephone network through Analog or ISDN and become a VOIP provider. Can someone tell me where I can find information on how to configure a server to receive calls directly instead of using a VOIP provider.
I would like to know which applications have to be used to receive calls directly or even better if there is a tutorial or how-to about this topic.


The channel technology is DAHDI. I think I’ve seen reference to DAHDI specific wikis.

You should probably also look at Digium’s commercial web site, as one of their main revenue streams is selling the PC cards needed to do this.

you should read this book it will help you too much,

You can view detailed samples and explanations here…

just search thru what you need to know, and the answer will come out. 8) is known for having a lot of obsolete and erroneous material. You should not over-rely on it.

You should read too:

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 2nd. Edition.

It’s many years old, but is good.

That is what is at From the contents page, the ISBN reference looks to be essentially a replacement for that.