Config trunk registration

I’am needing some help for configurate a PBX.

I’am migrating a 3cx to freePBX SANGOMA (asterisk 13.18.4),
and at the time, receiving and generating calls to the PSTN.
There are 10 IP trunks, with the same provider, but no one is registry.

sip show registry:
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time
0 SIP registrations.

And all the inbound calls indicate the same CID: xxxx39080 (is the trunk header)

In 3cx there are, in the definition of trunks, in source ID the following definition, for the trunk xxxx3908?:
trunk xxxx39080 --> request line uri : user part 080
trunk xxxx39081 --> request line uri : user part 081

For otherside, I can’t get the incomming number, always is the root trunk number xxxx39080, and i supose is for the registration.
How or where I can define the source call ID, indicating the respective user part ?

Thanks in advance

For support on FreePBX, please use

It is recommended that you only use one trunk to any one IP address.

For chan_sip, the only way of telling them apart is if you use type=user for the inbound calls, and have the account rather than the caller ID in the From: header users field.

I believe it is possible to make chan_pjsip listen on a different port number for each .

If you have control over the peer, it may be better to use static addresses, in which case I think it may be possible for Asterisk to distinguish on the remote port number, as long as you don’t misuse insecure to disable this.

I’ve ignored “request line url: user part 080” as it makes no sense to me. SIP doesn’t use URLs, the user part is near the front of the URI, and if you meant port number, 080 is not a valid octal number.

Thanks David.
For some reason, the register in the community said me that was an error in my autorization…plop,
and can’t login.

I’am already using type=user in inbound calls.
Can you explain me " and have the account rather than the caller ID in the From: header users field."
How can do that?

Respect to the request line, in the 3CX there was defined this way (in decimal by the way), and work fine, maybe the peer take this info, don’t know


Normally, on a trunk, user part of the From header contains the caller ID. If you want to use it to match a user entry, you need to make it contain the trunk ID. You can only do that at the peer side, so you will have to ask the 3CX people.

I still don’t really understand your request format, but it is definitely not a URL.