Conferencing from PRI command line

Hello Everyone,
I am a newbee to asterisk. I am using Grandstream for PRI line.
I wanted to know how I can make a call from command line using any Linux system.
my pupose is to create a call though command line.
first make a call, if the user picks up then start another call and then conference a call between them.
The call will use the existing PRI line.

I hope I am clear of the need.
Thank you

Asterisk provides the ability to drop a file into a directory and have a call be originated[1], it also provides the ability to connect using TCP to an interface to originate calls[2], you can also use the Asterisk console to originate calls[3]. There’s many ways to do it and ultimately up to the person implementing things.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I think I can go with Aterisk Call file option.
I will test with it.
So basically i can create a call file put in the folder and it would auto generate the call and I can create a conference through it.
I am not sure how to create it though, but try and create one.
Am I supposed to create a dialplan to have the conference started?

Thanks in advance

It depends on how you’d like to do it… I suggest just trying it out and playing with it. As for creating it’s a normal text file - you’d create it how you would want to. Through a bash script, another type of script, etc.

I will try it out.