Conference on Itanium drops audio

I have build Asterisk with dahdi-linux- on Itanium RedHat 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5.

Asterisk build was ok. I got warnings when I build dahdi

standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:120397: Warning: Use of ‘mov’ may violate WAW dependency ‘GR%, % in 1 - 127’ (impliedf), specific resource number is 14
{standard input}:120397: Warning: Only the first path encountering the conflict is reported
{standard input}:120395: Warning: This is the location of the conflicting usage

We use Meetme and sip channels only.
Sometimes audio is dropped in the conference.

Does anybody experienced the same issue? Any suggestion?


I am experiencing the same problem. Same level of software and same configuration. However, I didn’t get warnings in by DAHDI build. Just the loss of audio.

I don’t have any debug logs right now but the problem happens with the moderator losing the audio. The moderator can hear everyone else but no one can here the moderator. There is no specific time for the loss of audio either. It can be as late as 30 minutes in to the conference.


How did you solve the issue? I had another box HP DL360 with an older version of asterisk and zaptel driver and was driver issue.
On this box doesn’t help to change the driver.

I haven’t fixed it yet but I am looking at a Reinvite issue.
I am talking SIP to an Avaya and I have “Shuffling” turned on for the Avaya and “Can Reinvite” set to yes for Asterisk. So that means that Asterisk is only negotiating the connection between the two endpoints. I am thinking that if I turn that off I might see some change.


Well it has been three days of great usage and not one audio issue. I guess Can Reinvite must have made some difference…