Conference in the second flash instead cancel the call

I am having some trouble when I use flash to transfer, I can transfer the call using flash, but if try to cancel the call using flash to get the call back, the Asterisk put that call in a conference.

I would like to cancel the call when I press the second Flash.

When I press the second flash without the call being answerd.

Any ideas?

That’s the expected behavior for Asterisk. Taking a step back, you can probably see why we’d opt for a 3-way call on the second flash rather than ‘cancel’ an in-progress attended transfer. In most situations, it’d be pretty rude once the transfer target/destination are talking to simply rip them apart and pull the original transfer target back to the initiator.

Currently, there is no way to use a flash to ‘cancel’ an already in-progress transfer.

I would like to cancel the transfer before it be answerd, for exemple when transfer to a worng number and want to cancel before them picking up or to an extension that no one is answering.

Is there any way I can do this after using flash without hanging?


Nope. Generally, in any transfer, once the transfer target starts executing dialplan, it can’t be retrieved. Again, you - as the initiator of the transfer - do not know what the transfer target is doing. Ripping them out of their current action is generally not a good idea.

Ok, thanks for the explanation.