Conference for emergency bridge with automatic outdialing

Wondering if it is possible to create a conference or bridge that is set up to automatically call members whenever anyone calls in to activate the conference.

It would be accessible either by calling a dedicated DID or through an IVR option. Once someone entered the bridge the system would automatically call other extensions and possibly outside numbers and when those people answered they would be automatically connected to the bridge after an optional voice recording (if a DID isn’t used) is played. Any additional inbound calls to the bridge would be added as well in case someone missed the outbound call and called back.

Looking at this as a way to create an emergency management bridge with both dedicated “red phones” that hotdial straight in, as well as other regular extensions and outside lines to cells, etc.


Listen to the AMI event ConfbridgeJoin, Once you receive that event you can initiate the call with Originate command and Local channel. This all can be done using PHP + Asterisk