Conference Bridge/Extension

I have a requirement for remote users have the ability to join a conference without having to dial a conference number. The connection to an extension is accomplished programmatically from the remote smartphone.

Extension. 1001 direct connection to Conf 101
Ext 2001 to Conf 102
Perhaps this would be called auto conference.
How can this be accomplished?

You mean conference device, not extension.

For analogue phones, use the s extension.

For VoIP phones it will depend on the dedicated calling capabilities of the device.

After remote devices get registered they will need to dial the conference number, you migh route it using a Gotoif based on the caller ID

You can also use “ex-girlfriend logic” for caller ID routing, or a different context for each device. However, I suspect that VoIP devices won’t do dedicated calling to empty numbers, so you might as well just configure the right extension into the phone.