Confbridge with Opus codec

Hi All,

is there a way to set a confbridge using Opus codec?
All my peers are configured with Opus codec only (also enabled as codec on Asterisk), but confbridge doesn’t work.
A normal call between two peers configured with Opus codec only, works properly.

Thank you!

Conference bridges have to be mixed which is done in signed linear. You have to have a codec_ module loaded for Opus to provide the translation to and from signed linear.

Thanks Jcolp for answering!

Perhaps it’s better to explain the whole use case…
My target is to send an Opus encoded audio signal from a peer (encoder) to several peers (decoder).
For making this I’m thinking to use Paging or Conference features.
But, of course, considering that the transmission is unidirectionall I don’t need mixing.
Perhaps you can suggest a better solution.

The use of conference bridge (paging or conference) will always result in transcoding occurring, as that is fundamentally how it works.

There is the BridgeWait application[1] which has an announcer and participant role that may do as you desire.


Thanks Jcolp!

Do you’ve some examples how to use it?
Is there a module on FreePbx?

I’ve never used it so don’t have any examples handy, and I don’t believe there is anything for FreePBX but I do not work on FreePBX.

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