ConfBridge video switching

Hi all,

I’m setting up a new conference bridge profile with video.
I got things up and running and it works fine.

However there is one requirement that I’m struggling with :
The requirement is that the admin user should be able to ‘toggle’ between all available video channels to set it as a video source for the conference.

In the man pages I see that confbridge is only capable of allowing the callee to set itself as the single video sources through set_as_single_video_src.

Does anybody have an idea how I could allow the admin to toggle or set any arbitrary connected user as the video source ?

Thanks in advance !

As this feature doesn’t currently exist you would have to make changes to the ConfBridge application itself in C code to add it.

Is there a way to somehow ‘mark/unmark’ a user in the conference ? Then I could use this in combination with follow_last_marked ?

Off the top of my head I’m not aware of a method, but if it did exist it would be in the documentation such as the sample configuration file.

Hi @jcolp,

In the meantime I’ve patched the ConfBridge app in Asterisk to add an additional command allowing the administrator to toggle between all available video channels in the conference…

Thanks for the help.