Confbridge using codec opus, warning Out of buffer space

I have installed Asterisk 20 on Debian 12 from sources, enabling the OPUS codec during the process (I have tried installing the codec during the installation process from the sources and independently, downloading it from:

I have two endpoints with only the OPUS codec enabled. If I make a call between terminals they are heard correctly. If the two terminals enter a conference room (confbridge) there is no audio and the warning repeatedly appears on the terminal: “WARNING[14337][C-00000004]: translate.c:423 framein: Out of buffer space

The OPUS configuration in codecs.conf:
type=opus fec=no

Any idea what is happening?
Thanks in advance

Is that a copy-pasta error? Those key/value pairs should be on separate lines.

Can you post some anonymized SIP debug, showing the INVITEs in particular at the start of the call?

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