Confbridge RECORD file truncate

Good morning
I wanted to know if during conference recordings by confbridge , you can define the time / the maximum size of the .wav file you created , and if you can close the .wav files correctly when it opens a new one

Thank you

There is no option that will do what you’re looking for directly. For reference you can find the available options in the module configuration documentation.

Note that ConfBridge uses MixMonitor under the hood for its recording functionality, which also doesn’t have a direct option that would meet your requirements. If you need that level of granularity, your only option would be to use a Local channel with MixMonitor to record the conference, and have an external process monitor the file size and stop/start the MixMonitor with different parameters appropriately.


can u explain more in details (or give an example script) how to do it?


You are asking for bespoke software design and testing. That doesn’t come free.