Confbridge recoding can not be played back with playback()

I would like to use playback to replay a confbridge recording.

The two calls are seperate so there is a conference call which happens and gets recorded and a sperate call days later to replay the recording.

At present playback complains there is not a file with that name available in a format it can play.

I read in the documentation that confbridge recordings are recorded in a specific format which I am guessing doesn’t look like gsm or G.711a

Can the recording format be adjusted?
Will I have to convert the recording using sox before it can be played back using function playback()?

Many thanks

A bit more information. The default recording format for confbridge is 8kHz signed linear which looks like G.711 why would function playback() have issues playing this file?

OK I have discovered the problem but it opens up new questions.

Confbridge looks like it records G.711 Ulaw as standard which means if I rename the recorded file which was .wav to .ulaw function Playback() correctly identifies the encoding and plays it back

If this system was not located in the UK the default encoding of ulaw would not be an issue but as every call which will hit this system will be Alaw the recording will have to be trans coded in real time which is a waist, not only during playback but also during recording.

From the documentation I can’t see how I can change the default recording encoding type in confbridge from ulaw to alaw.

Does this parameter exist?
I think I may need to raise a feature request