Confbridge MoH didn't stop --> bug?

Hi there,

I just experienced a strange phenomena in Confbridge again.
I dialed into a conference and got MoH played cause I was the only person in the conf. When another party joined the conf, the MoH didn’t stop for me. the other party could hear my voice while i still was on MoH. After hanging up and dialing into the conference again everything was back to normal…
unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the issue but it didn’t happen for the first time…
I’m asking myself if this is already a know issue?

ps: Asterisk 11

Having tha same problem - constantly
Asterisk 11

If you can’t find any open issues that match yours, open a new one.

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Hi hadefix and mahobela!
I have the same issue, did you find the solution or root cause, or open case?
Thanks for reply.