Confbridge Logs

Guys, I need to show the usage of confbridge to my customers. Is there a way to have a simple log file in /var/log/asterisk? I know it is inside Master.csv but I need a log showing just confbridge calls.

You need to filter the calls based on the extension that run the confbridge() app, better would be using MYSQL or any other DB for CDR backend

A very long time ago, I wrote an adult chat system where callers could (after entering their credit card details) choose a product from the menu. Each product was priced differently. Some were a flat fee, some per minute, some per minute with a first minute bump – even listening to the menu was a charge :slight_smile:

My solution was to write an AGI (‘write-cdr’) which would write a row into the database. It was the first step in every context and it would write the name of the last product selected (stored in a channel variable), the seconds since the last row was inserted, and update the product to the name of the current context. Each product was handled by a separate context.

This meant that every call could have dozens of ‘cdrs’ as the caller selected different products. It probably would have been better to call them ‘billing-records’ or ‘charges,’ but I was the only designer, implementer, and maintainer so once I started down that road…

At the end of the call, the ‘hangup’ context would call write-cdr and then another AGI that would accumulate the charges for each product, and bill the caller’s card.

Not simple, but effective for that environment.

Thanks @ambiorixg12! I’ll use mysql and show it using grafana. It will bring a hard work but it will worth.

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