Confbridge duration through CLI?


I use the RawMan interface to get info about my running conferences.
I’m in the process of switching from MeetMe to ConfBridge, and run in to an issue.

Using the MeetMe CLI commands I was able to find which conferences were active, how many and which users were active and how long the conference and each user had been active

Using the ConfBridge CLI commands I get most of this data, but no durations… Is there any way to retreive the duration of a conference or a user using CLI commands for ConfBridge?

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You’d probably have to get the information about the bridge channel itself and look at its Elapsed Time.


Hi malcolmd,

That would be a workable solution… but how do I get to that info?

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Seem to have found the better way to things. Completely switched to native AMI commands:


This gives me access to all conferences, users and user durations.

I am still lacking:
[li] total duration of a conference[/li]
[li] mute state of a user (strangely enough AMI does have ways to mute/unmute a users, but does not seem to have a way to tell if a user is muted…)[/li][/ul]