Concurrent Voicemail?

I need to know if the voicemail application is concurrent-safe or not :

I mean, if several incoming calls are trying to leave a message to the same box at the same time…will the voicemail application handle it in a consistent way ?

Yes, should work fine. But of course this is a function of your server dimensioning and application design.

Basically I’ll have a powerfull server wih large disk array in wich voicemail files will be actually stored, and several secondary servers that will run asterisk and receive the calls via PRI interfaces (E1s) and save the voicemails in the primary server.

Disk sharing between the primary and secondary server will be done tru NFS (or Samba).

My concern is that every call runs under a separate thread (as I understhand) , so they are not aware of each other. And theoretically, two incoming calls for the same voice-mailbox (received at the same time) would read the same message count for this mailbox and therefore be trying to save the same message number (msg_message_count+1) , so one of the incoming voice messages would get lost , or even worse, both of them … (could the application crash :question: )

Can anyone confirm if my theory is right ?

The way I see it, this would happen even if I have a single server, with a single E1 interface… so I dont think my design could be envolved in the solution.

Will the Voicemail application be able to handle this situation :question: