Concurrent Incoming Calls

I would like to use Asterisk with a provider such as Telasip Residential Service which provides two simulaneous channels with unlimited inbound calls and unlimited outbound long distance. I understand that the second channel is necessary for Call Waiting.

Will the second channel also allow incoming calls to be routed to voice mail on my Asterisk server while a first incoming call is active? And if there happens to be a third concurrent incoming call that call would then be sent to Telasip’s voice mail?


depends on the carrier. Not familiar with telasip procedures…

generally the second call will come in exactly the same as the first which means they will hit *, get your IVR if you have one, phones will ring, voicemail, etc. There won’t be a difference from customer POV.

if a 3rd/4th call comes in they will either get your telasip voicemail, be flat-out rejected, or possibly forwarded if you have such an option turned on. Note that you can probably string several telasip accounts intoa hunt group this way.

I use myphonecompany for inbound. They are flexible with the amount of incoming channels that they allow.