Computer freeze when using Zaptel


I have a problem, I have a TDM400 card and it worked all fine. Recently, I’ve done some changes in the cid settings of zapata.conf, but as my changes did nothing, I came back to my old settings. Now, when I try to call using the Zaptel channel, the whole computer freezes and I haven’t found the reason yet.

I checked Asterisk logs, and I’ve found that:

VERBOSE[2313] logger.c: == Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/codecs.conf’: [Jan 25 10:18:40] VERBOSE[2313] logger.c: Found
VERBOSE[2313] logger.c: – codec_zap: using generic PLC
DEBUG[2313] codec_zap.c: No Zaptel transcoder support!
VERBOSE[2313] logger.c: => (Generic Zaptel Transcoder Codec Translator)

Can this be the problem? If yes, how do I solve this transcoder problem thingy?

Thank you.