Complex problem With Asterisk

dear support
we have server
1- FreePBX-64bit-6.12.65
2- Sangoma Card FOX 4Channel A200
3- Sangoma Card GSM 4 Channel W400
4- we have 25 Agents
5- we have 30 Employees

We have some complex problem. If any span is down (or was down and then became up), all other spans (GSM) get down. And if there was any running call (trunk, extension-to-extension, …etc )is immediately terminated/hung-up. I tried re-installing elastix, and still the same problem.

The problem in Elastix and FreePBX
PLZ HELP Coz was stop Server Until Fix This Problem.

This forum doesn’t support FreePBX.

Digium discourage the use of the forum they fund for supporting Sangoma products.

For FreePBX, try