Compiling: Zaptel, Libpri - success message?

When compiling these two components, is there supposed to be a message indicating that the compilation was successful or are they just supposed to dump out into a command prompt? I know when I compile asterisk, it gives me some communication at the end to indicate that it successfully compiled.

I think that my problem getting Asterisk 1.2.5 running might have something to do with unsuccessful zaptel/libpri install/compilations.

i can’t tell you with libpri, as we use robbed-bit T1’s, but zaptel will just dump you back to the CL.

i know that on a successful compile on FC4, the last line is like this:

that’s all i look for, anyway…hope this helps.

build this way:

script logfile
build (or whatever)

then scroll through the logfile and make sure everything built ok.