Compile module file outside asterisk directory

I’m trying to compile my module outside the asterisk directory but i’ve got this error

error: #error "Externally compiled modules must declare AST_MODULE_SELF_SYM."
 #error "Externally compiled modules must declare AST_MODULE_SELF_SYM."

i’m on asterisk 16.

Which module? Why do you think that module has been designed to be compiled in that way?

my own, a custom one.

I think you need to be on the developer mailing list. This is an end user forum.

I’d suggest the error is fairly obvious, but behind it probably lie some rather specific rules about when a module can claim to be safe to compile in this way.

oh okay, what does it change being on the developer mailing list ? how can it be done ?

You will be contacting people who are working on the source code, rather than those configuring it and working on dialplans.

Details of how to subscribe are at:

The fact that this wasn’t obvious suggests you are from the forums and social media generation. I’d suggest doing some background reading on mailing lists before you start.

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