Compile Asterisk & Zaptel with kernel 2.6.18

In the latest 2.6.18 kernel, those old legacy header files(including linux/config.h) have been removed. Therefore when trying to compile Asterisk or Zaptel, the system will respond with “header file not found” error.

There is the same problem with a lot of other programs or device drivers such as Madwifi. At Madwifi the developer released a patch which updates the source code so that it becomes compatible with the kernel. I’m wondering when Asterisk Team is going to do the same thing?

i have 2 asterisk box with 2.6.18 kernel.
there was no problem with zaptel and asterisk installation.
kernel sources was downloaded from and stored in /usr/src/linux

i saw an SVN commit at the weekend (i think) that fixed the problem on 2.6.18 kernels. try checking out the svn trunk version.

Thanks for the quick replies.

The kernel-devel package for 2.6.18 in FC6 doesn’t contain config.h. I guess I should have downloaded the full source RPM.