Communications between customers

Hello ,

iḿ using asterisk 13.2.0 with pjsip-2.3 , dahdi-linux -complet -10.2.2 , libpri 1.5.0 , jansson 2.7
sometimes I have clients complaining that communication is bad.
Does it have to do with the lack of the g729 codec?
this happens when there are updates on the system to do, is this normal?
or there will be another reason.


It is nothing to do with the G.729 codec.

Do the updates require an internet download? If so it will be a lack of network capacity to your ISP. They are unlikely to support prioritising RTP inbound to you, so there is not much you can do, except possibly to throttle the download, somehow.

If not, the update is taking too much CPU or too much memory. Doing any intensive processing in working hours is not a good idea on a VoIP system.

in these server i have 3 card one bri with 2 lines gsm card with 4 channels and 1 analog. my wire is 1GB
my machine have Intel® Core™ i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz
and 8 GB
I only have this machine to do voip service .
You same idea to solve this situation.


Don’t run updates during working hours.