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Hello everyone, I need the help of the community to find a practical and functional solution, and that is easy to use. By now you know that I’m usually asking for information on audio conferences, because that’s what I do. Also in this case it is a matter of audio-conferencing, but the connected ones are in very distant locations and connect the individual components in a conference room of a company equipped with a switchboard where the distro asterisk now has been loaded.
The solution I’m looking for is related to those outside the company. During the conference they have to be spectators, and they have the microphone set to “mute on joint”, but in case they want to take the floor to add a thought or expand the speech with a sudden comment, the person in charge of the acoustic system that manages even the fop2 can not know it. So either the interventions are organized first or they are not done.
The question is: Is there a way to communicate to whom manages the connected when a person wants to add a comment?
Let me explain: The customers who participate in the conference must communicate their desire to ask a question during the conference, can with a combination of keys reserve the comment to the person who manages the microphones during the conference?


in the type=menu block, confbridge.conf you can use:


  and ejecute a diaplan extension.




  where you extract the channel using the option and then send a Instant MESSAGE to the person who manages the microphones during the conference with the channel data requesting microphone.


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Hello, thanks for the suggestion. It seems just what I was looking for!
I only have a few problems configuring it.
When you write that should be inserted in type = menu block, do you mean in the Trunk PEER details or in the Misc Application or in the Feature Codes?
I understood that the message arrives at the extension. Where do I view it? is it vocal or written?

Although I haven’t any specific knowledge about the current conferencing, the only possible place would be in the conference configuration. Device configurations woudln’t have this sort of information, and dialplan would implement menus at a much lower level of abstraction.

then through the CLI

You were actually told confbridge.conf.

The CLI doesn’t work at that level of asbstraction, either.

Are you using a GUI? They are not supported here because they have complex dialplans and impose limitations not inherent in Asterisk itself.


in the confbridge.conf file where you configure conferences.

  Message is text and the phone receiving it have to support MESSAGE SIP method (X-lite do for example).


hi, where is the file we need to edit? you could indicate the directory thank you

/etc/asterisk/confbridge.conf, I imagine.