Command Line client program for Windows?

Does anyone know of any programs for Win '98 that can be used to encode/decode speech through the computer’s sound card, and communicate with Asterisk running on a Linux box on the network? Trying to avoid the 3rd-party “soft-phone” route, and integrate something a little more seamless into our proprietary app to place calls through Asterisk from a Win '98 machine (either open-source or utilizing command-line dial / hangup, etc. parameters).


Garry Mitchell

P.S. examples of things I’ve been looking at, and are not sure of their compatibility/usability w/ Asterisk are OpenH323’s “OhPhone”, Speex, LinPhone, etc.

You may try the firefly softphone. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work on Win98, but it seems to be a good softphone.

Yes, it does look like the Firefly will work with Win98SE (and Asterisk), however we need a solution that is able to be controlled at a lower level than through a desktop GUI interface (command-line parameters, or directly through code), so that we can integrate it into an existing CATI-computer software program…

Garry Mitchell

You might take a look at the IAXClient library and the iaxComm softphone.[/url]

Garry -

Another option may be the softphone from X10. It looks awesome, and I think you could license the code, brand it, and customize it to your heart’s content.

  • Woody

Don’t want to go the SoftPhone route; that just creates another big clunky app on the desktop… trying to do this all internally in code… I started working with Babar Shafiq’s IAXClient.ocx, and it pretty much does the trick; just a couple minor issues/workarounds required, but this seems like the way we may proceed…