Combine Queues with a Parking lot

Hi All,
I am about try and setup a Queue that will place calls into a single parking lot.
I had a quick test and it seemed to work for the first call, but a second call heard the no parking slots available message and then was terminated
Parking does not seem to give an optional destination if the lot is full.

I have not thought of what happens at the end of the parking lot timeout yet, perhaps push them back to the queue or hit another ring group.

Before I find some convoluted method to achieve this I wondered if someone had devised a simple plan already.

I am hoping the end result will allow me a single BLF button to advise of the next call in the que.

The thought process was:
•Incomming call,
•Agent Answers,
•Agent can divert to queue 0 by “##0#”,
•if the parking lot is empty then the queue will pass it to the parking slot 1 and make the BLF button flash.
•if the parking lot is already full then the call simply remains in the queue until the timeout or the parking slot becomes available.

Oh I did notice in my various attempts and number changing that that Queues did not like 0,0 in the static agents list. it was happy with 1,0


Can you explain why you are trying to accomplish this?

Why not leave calls in your queue?

Why not just use parking without the queue? You can transfer to your parking extension without the queue and have the calls parked in the next available slot.