Colour in remote console - used safe_asterisk in startup .sh

Hi Guys,

I’m new here. Just thought I would share something that took me a while to find out. It is probably common knowledge, but it still took me hours of googling to find it.

I was trying to get asterisk to give me colour in remote console (asterisk -r). I could only seem to do this if I had started asterisk with -c switch (asterisk -c).

The problem was that I couldn’t use the -c switch because I wanted to run at startup using shell script linked to from /etc/rc2.d/. Adding the -c switch to asterisk in the script caused chaos.

The answer was to run ‘safe_asterisk’ as startup command instead of ‘asterisk’. As you know this runs asterisk on one of the other terminals. Then connecting remotely gave me colour. Interestingly though it does not change the colour until it prints a warning or a call comes through.