Codec "read" variable?

Hello guys, me again, David55 if you are around you probably know this. Is there a variable that I can read to tell what the codec of a call leg is?

I’ve tried to use the ${SIP_CODEC_INBOUND}, but it seems this variable is for “set” only? Because when I tried to do NoOP(${SIP_CODEC_INBOUND}), it shows blank.

Thank you!

By the way, I have to be able to read a variable in the script (extensions.conf), I know you can see by using commandline “sip show channels”, but that is useless to me. In my script I need to be able to know what is the inbound leg codec and then decide what outbound codec to use.

thank you!

See the CHANNEL function.

Important NOTE: Although that function will, I think, give the instantaneous value, for SIP, the actual value can change to any of those in Asterisk’s initial offer, during the call, even when the dialplan is not running.