Codec Error, no speaker sound. How to fix this

res_format_attr_siren7.c:52 siren7_parse_sdp_fmtp: Got Siren7 offer at 24000 bps, but only 32000 bps supported; ignoring.’

That’s a warning, not an error, and is highly unlikely related to no audio. You’d need to provide more information and do basic verification - such as ensuring things are set up for NAT if Asterisk or the remote endpoint is behind NAT.

all of them are in local LAN, but if I disable STUN server on softphone, the sound is working ok, and still has that warning, how to get rid of the warning

Disable the codec in the soft phone, disable logging of warnings in Asterisk, or delete the code in Asterisk that generates the warning and recompile.

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