codec_dahdi.c: Failed to open /dev/dahdi/transcode: No such

Hi all,

Today I thought that perhaps my sip carrier was having issues when I dialed out and getting a fast busy. Now I can dial any extension and number and get no “extention does not exist” on incoming calls and outgoing calls. Prior to this, there was no changes on the CLI.

Here is what I have for dahdi_cfg

dahdi_cfg -v
DAHDI Tools Version - 2.0.0
DAHDI Version: 2.0.0
Echo Canceller(s): MG2

1 channels to configure.
Setting echocan for channel 1 to mg2

Here is lsmod:

wctdm 37452 0
wcfxo 12448 0
wct1xxp 17696 0
dahdi 204808 9 dahdi_echocan_mg2,xpp,wctdm,wcfxo,wct1xxp
crc_ccitt 2241 1 dahdi

Type a typical extention like voicemail main 8500 and responce on cli:

NOTICE[4739]: chan_sip.c:14383 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘200’ to extension ‘8500’ rejected because extension not found.

But of course I do have extension 8500 [voicemailmain] included => in [internal] where all my local extensions are.

The one phone I am calling out from is registered- a polycom ip500.

200/200 D N 5060 OK (50 ms)

Again, no changes were made and then suddenly no extensions worked.

Would transcode affect all extensions by dialing in and out and local?