Close a conference


I am using the “dual” manager redirect to move both parties of a call into a conference room, in the same way as FOP does it. One consequence is that I cannot “mark” just one party and rely on the “x” meetme option - the other party may stay in the conference room for quite a while.
So I am looking for an option to close the conference when the number of participants goes below 2



any ideas, please?



Your problem:
‘x’ — close the conference when last marked user exits

Means: If he DOESNT exits… :imp:

So make yourself the admin (-a)
and make use of your powers :smiling_imp: : … eetmeAdmin



Maybe this is wrong, but it seems that in order to convert an existing call into a conference, the only way is the dual transfer - which leaves two identical partners.
I have tried to transfer both sides of a call into a conference seperately, but that resulted in hanging up the caller. Would it work better, transferring the caller into a conference, then myself?



Yes, this is how i would do it.

Transfer him/her, then hangup and enter the conf yourself.



I tried a few more things on this issue…
basically I am looking into two distinct features, but both do not work yet

a) while talking to a caller, I click on a website button. This will send my extension number to a manager script. The manager searches for an empty room, transfers both sides of the call, and then lets the room originate another call to invite a third party. The script sends back the room number chosen. Now when I transfer the other party to the room first, I have to hangup and dial the room number (or at least to hangup and wait for a ringback) - I would like to reduce that to just clicking the website button once.
This type of conference should never have fewer than two participants - if nothing else, I might run an event driven script to hangup orphaned calls to specific conference rooms

b) I would like to have a “conference” feature on the phone, e.g the *3 sequence.
When dialling *3 (+phone number) outside of a call, an agi should arrange for the call to become a conference (works fine)
When dialling *3 during a call, an agi specified in a featuremap should transfer the call to a conference room and have the room call the other party. If this is already a conference, just one more call would need to be placed. (here transferring the other side first, then the existing call should work - but I cannot make a featuremap entry call an agi)