Clone Grandstream GPX-2135 phone

I have a Grandstream UCM-6108 Asterick based pbx and seven Grandstream GPX-2135 phones.

My system was setup by the selling dealer who has since gone out of business. My problem is that all seven of our GPX-2135’s are suffering from fading LCD screens.

Because I have no selling dealer I was not able to get any tech support from Grandstream, until very recently when I was able to contact someone at Grandstream North America who is willing to help (thanks Twitter).

Anyway, he is sending one GPX-2135 to see if I can clone it.

Now my question: How does one use the UCM-6108 to ‘clone’ one of my failing GPX-2135’s to make the new phone identical to the old one.

I’m afraid you will need to contact grandstream for support with your PBX, The users of this forum have likely never worked with your product and do not know how to configure it.

Asterisk is a telephony toolkit, it powers many products but the way that those products use asterisk can wildly differ as to how things are configured and many of those products do not allow you to ‘get under the hood’ and manipulate the asterisk configuration itself.