Clients to support srtp and rtp

I am working on a project to Investigate the Performance of secure VoIP. I chose to consider TLS and SRTP and I have been able to configure this using the guide here … g+Tutorial

I have been able to create the certificates but I am having alot of issues on the client end. I have tried Blink as suggested in the tutorial but I cannot import the client certificate to Blink. I have tried Jitsi, Microsip, 3cx, phone and phonerlite as well as so many other clients but I am still having difficulties as Asterisk keeps on generating an error message about the certificates.

As much as I enjoy asterisk I would really appreciate any help as I have spent so much time on this particular stage and I would really like to get a move on.


Any designed for the purpose hard SIP phone should be OK.


I am still unable to resolve the issue stated below. Any help or suggestions as regards resolving the issue would do.



Blink definitely works (on ubuntu at least), we use it , as do aastra hardphones.