CLID Passthrough from another PBX?

Noob so please be gentle, I have searched and can’t find anything…

We have a new Asterisk box running BicomSystem’s front end to manage it.

I have setup an extension and using the credentials for this extension, have used a 3CX windows PBX on another machine to use the Asterisk box as a trunk/VoIP provider.

The 3CX box has several extensions off it, all with their own DDI and own outbound CLID details.

What I would like is to be able to config the Asterisk box to accept the outbound CLID being passed through from the 3CX box and use this CLID as the outbound CLID for the call.

Any shortcuts ?
Can it actually be done ?

Thanks in advance…

Asterisk uses the SIP From header, or optionally the Remote-Party-ID header for caller ID.

On a SIP trunk authenticated by IP address, CLID will pass both ways without any special action.

If, for some reason, one side insists on the From address being used to authenticate or identify the trunk, you can use Remote-Party-ID, if the other side supports it.

For asterisk to send RPID this way, you need to set sendrpid=yes. For it to receive it, you need to set trustrpid=yes. You may well have to make reciprocal settings at the other end of the trunk, and, you may have a PABX that requires a specific From header and doesn’t support RPID.