I am wondering what the power users think of the GUI interfaces. I am a unix guy, but new to asterisk. I feel comfortable on the command line, and I’m thinking that if I want to get the most out all this, I should ditch the GUI and use the CLI exclusively. Thoughts?

I can only agree with you :wink:

We started with a GUI…but kept running into problems, either understanding their terms for things or being able to make it do what we wanted.

So ultimately we scrapped the GUI and went straight CLI. I feel we have better control and understanding over the system.

Of course, everyones mileage will vary. :>

I do not consider myself to be a ‘unix guy’, however, I have built \ maintained numerous systems with UNIX & embedded. That being said, the *CLI allowed me to troubleshoot a recent problem and isolate the problem for resolution. The CLI provides tools, such as jabber debug, that allows visibility to traffic. The learning curve is higher, but I find it more rewarding as hobbyist and if it were my profession, it’s a no brainer. As a UNIX guy, I think that the GUI is fine for learning the big picture and quickly understanding the model, but as a maintainer, you will want the power and flexibility of the CLI.