Clarify something regarding iaxmodem and fax

Eventually (not yet), we will have two POTS lines going into this PBX. They will “hunt” (if the first is in use, the telco automatically redirects incoming calls to the second).

The first line will go into FXO #1 and the second into FXO #2 on the Digium TDM400P card.

Now, the second line (the one going into FXO #2) is also our fax line, and will be used for incoming faxes only … we’ll have a “real” fax machine plugged into that line, set to send only, for the rare instances when we’ll need to send an outgoing fax.

When a fax comes in to FXO #2, do I understand it correctly that it is routed something like:

FXO#2 --> Asterisk --> iaxmodem --> Hylafax

If that’s true, then whenever a call comes in to FXO #2, I need it to automatically detect whether it’s a fax call (i.e. it needs to detect the CNG tone) and redirect those calls to iaxmodem without the caller having to dial an extension number or anything like that. If it’s a regular call, it goes to the normal voice response menu.

Am I on the right track here, and will Asterisk -> iaxmodem -> Hylafax do this?

As of today I have Asterisk and Hylafax up and running; all I need is to tie them together.