Citel Gateway Problems - Agents Unable to Log Out

I have an Asterisk installation that is using four Citel Gateways. Agents have been having difficulty with logging in and logging out consistently. There is no consistent time this is occurring or specific agent id’s that this is affecting.

I have been working with our vendor as well as with someone at Citel in trying to identify the issue with no progress made so far.

Looking to see if anyone has had similar issues or know of a fix.

Currently agents use a speed dial button on a Nortel 7316E phone that is programmed on each channel of the gateway. *904 is the login feature code. 99% of the time they can login fine but in 50 to 60% of the cases they are unable to log out. System asks for password but doesn’t recognize it or translate it properly. Not sure if problem is with Gateway or with Asterisk server itself.

Please help as client is becoming agitated over issue.

Can anyone help me with some suggestions?

I’m unable to help you very much, sorry. Does /var/log/asterisk/full give any clues at all as to the Agent logout problem? Can you get an Etherial trace on one of the Citel ports to see what data, if any, it’s sending to Asterisk?

I’m chiming in just to ask you about your Citel experience outside this issue. Are you satisified with the product? I’m considering a purchase of Citel gateways for my 60 Meridian phones. We don’t have agents or queues, just regular extensions.