Cisco VoIP Gatekeeper Suggestion

Hi Al,

We want to set our VoIP Gatekeeper which should be support for SIP,H.323,IVR,Calling Card,CallBack etc…

And we found that Asterisk is suitable to handle the all things.

But some of my friend he advice me to go with Cisco hardware itself, which is more reliable and stable for VoIP provider.

Is it true? And is Cisco is more advance than asterisk I know the asterisk is IP PBX but it has very strong capable for GK.

I will appreciate if any one can suggest me about it.

Hello again,

I found Cisco PGW-2200 SS7/C7 PTSN SoftSwitch, Is someone familiar with it. Because just i wanted know is PGW will be good or Asterisk because we have 500 cuncurent calls, and we want to provide all VoIP releated service.