Cisco dialplan

I want to configure my Cisco 7940/7960 phones to connect immediately when a number is dialed. I know there are dialplans that the Cisco phones load upon start-up, but I can’t figure out how to edit them successfully.

As it stands now, anything I dial takes 5-7 seconds to connect. I know there is a way to edit the dialplan, but can anyone show me specifically how to dial immediately for:

3 number extensions

without any delay (i.e. as a normal phone).

Here’s the dialplan.xml file we used before we eliminated 9+ dialing. At the time, our extensions began with either a 2 or 3.

    <TEMPLATE MATCH="0"              Timeout="1" User="Phone"/> <!-- Local operator-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="9,011*"         Timeout="6" User="Phone"/> <!-- International calls-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="9,0"            Timeout="8" User="Phone"/> <!-- PSTN Operator-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="9,11"           Timeout="0" User="Phone" Route="Emergency" Rewrite="9911"/> 
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="w!"             Timeout="1" User="PHONE" Route="Emergency" Rewrite="9911"/>
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="9,.11"          Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Service numbers -->
    T<TEMPLATE MATCH="9,1.........."  Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Long Distance -->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="9,......."      Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Local numbers -->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="2..."           Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Corporate Dial plan-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="3..."           Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Corporate Dial plan-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="*"              Timeout="15"/>             <!-- Anything else -->

In the dialplan.xml such as the one pasted above, on th line before the last is where you can control the timeout in seconds before the phone dials the number. 5 seconds seems to be ideal because you do not want to time out too soon which can make it dial an incomplete number. Also see the following thread: … alplan+xml