Cisco 9971 - Error verifying config info. Can't upgrade or connect. Looking for TLV's

I just received Cisco 9971 (I had previously 7950) and looks like it doesn’t want to work at all.

I have tested 8 different XML config files, from every site/forum that I was able to find.

Unfortunately always I am getting Error Verifying Config Info (file name correct, firmware version updated, Elastix with enabled TPC, extension also changed to TCP).

What is more scarying is that this phone keeps looking for TVL files and won’t upgrade / downgrade to any other firmware (with 7950 I just had to change firmware version in info line and here is nothing).

Is it maybe because in Admin Settings -> Security -> Trust List -> there is (signed) next to Configuration ??

I have found info that TLV are some extra security files.

Is this phone dead end ?

Is there any way to remove need of searching for TLV files, update firmware and sign up with my Asterisk server ?


Have you attempted to contact the vendor of your phones for support?

This doesn’t really have to do anything with asterisk itself.

No I didn’t as I want to use it with Asterisk, not CUCM.

Looking for a way to configure 9971 to work with Asterisk, so I guess there are people out here, that had this issue and somehow resolved it.

I understand that you want to use your phone with Asterisk yes, But you are asking for help configuring the phone itself not with your asterisk configuration.

If you do not know how to help and you want to play about semantics, well maybe just find another topic to do that.

Question is simply and has nothing to do with CUCM, however everything with Asterisk and config for Cisco phones for Asterisk.

Cisco support WON’T answer this as they simply has no idea how to make this phone work with Asterisk.

Question is clear and I am asking for some help from people that can actually have some knowledge in this particular field.

I am not asking if you think that it has nothing to do with Asterisk (logical error). You can think whatever you want, but just do not spam topics with so irrelevant posts.

If you would have some knowledge about it, YOU WOULD KNOW that Asterisk has to be configured (TCP instead UDP) for Cisco 8xx and 99xx. So do not embarrass yourself and find another topic.

I am trying to help guide you to a more appropriate resource for your question as I believe your request for information is outside the scope of this forum.

Neither chan_sip or chan_pjsip utilize xml files to configure them, Nor do they have anything to do with TLV files.

‘Error Verrifiying Config Info’ is not an error from Asterisk.

The Wiki has a article in it that explains the basics of configuring accounts in asterisk for your phone to register against that has an example for chan_sip as well as chan_pjsip

Here is an example for configuration a phone with inbound registration here for pjsip:

If you want/need to use TLS there is an article here that explains how to use TLS with both chan_sip or chan_pjsip

Finally there is the PJSIP Configuration Wizard that can be used to easily configure accounts for your phones.

I personally have worked with phones from a number of vendors, If I have trouble configuring my phone I reach out to either the Reseller I have purchased the phone from or the vendors tech support itself.

The 9971’s are very touchy but the TLV’s as well as the Locale files are totally optional and are not required to get the phone to connect. Most likely your SEP[MAC].cnf.xml file has an error in it. Either a unrecognized value or a “or value not properly”. Run your XML file through a validator on the web or an xml editing application. Maybe its missing a / or something isn’t working as expected. Make sure you have the sip9971.9-4-1-9 fields matching the firmware you have on the TFTP server. Make sure it is capitalized exactly. Make sure you are resetting the phone by holding the # key before adding power, unlike the other cisco phones where you press # after inserting power.

Your TFTP server needs to have the following at the minimum. (different versions #'s are OK so long as all .xml and .loads files are edited to reflect the version of the file you have hosted on your TFTP.


Best of luck.


My xml code didn’t post, new here please forgive, i must learn to use a code block on the forums.


Be sure your firmware defined in the .loads file and .xml files matches the names of the files on the TFTP minus the extensions. It is case sensitive.