Cisco 7960G limited input

The Cisco 7960G was configured for only dialing extensions with 3 figures.
When I want to use it to dial numbers with 10 or more figures it is not possible. It starts dialing directly after I want to enter the 4th figure.


How can I get rid off the linput limitation ?
I have no webserver running on it ( was not possible to get it running ) and also via Telnet it was not possible.

Thanks in advance !

I solved the problem.

I just went back to the factory defaults by pressing the # key ( for a few seconds ) during powering on the phone.
Then I entered on the keypad 123456789*# ( just all the keys in sequence ) and only saved the current network settings ( it was one of the options asked at the bottom of the display )
Then I configured it further.

Now I am able to put numbers exceeding 4 figures ( or characters ).

Hope this can be also a solution for someone else.