Cisco 7942G + Connected Number Display


I have a mix of 7942G’s (SIP firmware v9.4) and 7940G’s (SIP v8.6) which I have successfully registered to an install of AsteriskNOW, running Asterisk 11 and FreePBX 2.11.

Everything is working fine apart from one issue which only presents itself on the 7942s. When a call is xferred to an extension, the displayed CID doesn’t update with the xferred callee CID. So, when reception xfers you a call, you will always see Reception displayed as the CID. The xfer still works, and I don’t have this problem with the 7940 handsets.

I have tried just about every setting I can think of in the FPBX UI: sending RPID or PAI, canreinvite yes/no/update, nat no/never, SIP TCP & UDP only. I have enabled it in the handset config with the remotePartyID true line, and also been through the rest of the config trialling various things on and off. I’ve looked at about 5 other configs from Google searches, and so far I can’t find any differences between any of them, and what I have.

Really starting to run into a brick wall with this - even more frustrating is that it worked on the 7940s straight away (oh, I think I changed send RPID, so that you could see the CID Name when you dialled a number). I would appreciate seeing how other people have things configured with their 7942 setups …

Have you looked at Dial() application option f ?

Not sure if that will solve the problem, but worth a try.

Hi imotor,

Thanks you’re the only person that has been replying :smile:

I forgot to mention that this problem only occurs with attended xfers, blind xfers are fine. This makes me want to run debugs, and check out some UA logs to see exactly what application is being used and how asterisk is sending the update.

I will look into DIAL() f, getting under the hood in asterisk like this is new to me, so I imagine a steepish learning curve with this (ie i don’t even know where to begin, but google is a good friend of mine). I just wouldn’t have thought an attended transfer used Dial, i thought it might’ve been done with SIP INVITE or UPDATE…

Have you found any documentation that indicates whether or not those phones w/ that firmware support connected line updates, and, if so, what method they support? I’ve not done any Googling in the matter.

Thanks Malcom, good idea I will follow that up.

Couldn’t find much with Googling, found release notes and the et cetera but nothing that talks about Connected Line Display. I’ve put the question into the Cisco forums.

I would try downgrading to v8.x software but I don’t have SmartNet on the 7942’s, only the 40’s. I’ll look into it nonetheless but I doubt my Cisco login will allow any downloads for the 42’s.

Having trouble finding out specific information about firmware 9.4(2) … I decided to downgrade my phone to 8.5(4) and … it works!

Seems that however that CID is updated isn’t properly supported in (at least) the 9.4 SIP firmware.

Thanks for everyone’s help…