Chosing the right solution

I have the task to replace an aging traditional PBX that currently handles like 60+ internal lines / 10 external lines with a VOIP solution, which I could prefer to be Asterisk-driven. I wondering what kind of equipment setup would make it best, if I can use only an Asterisk box or maybe more than one or go for an hybrid setup.

Any advice would be welcome.


to replce your old  telephony config you can use following options with Asterisk box
  1. if you use SIP VOIP subscribe service from any VOIP service provider for SIP trunk. then you need only Asterisk Box on public ip & mentioed srervice provide perr config in sip.conf can use Cisco router to connect PRI line with Asterisk this cisco router as VOIP service enabled route

  1. also you can use Digium card with asterisk if you want connect PSTn line of pri line.