Choppy sound

I’ve been trying to configure a Shuttle SN21G5 for a new AAH 2.7 box. It is a socket 939 nForce 410 chipset mobo with one pci slot and on pci express slot. AMD64 3000. I have a pata hardrive as master, the cdrom as slave. (SATA never seems to work for me - install fails). A TDM400 card with one fxo and one fxs card is installed without errors and I see the green lights on the card are on.

Only things I noticed about the install were two things.

  1. Networking did not work. So I installed the linux x86 nforce driver and this seemed to fix it as I was able to get remote access. The amd64 driver gave me an error saying use the x86 driver.
  2. missing dev/dsp appeared just before I saw the login screen when the OS tried to chown it.

I played the weather, and some default sound files using my xlite on another computer. They all sound crisp, but cut out for brief periods during playback.
xlite worked fine on a different AAH box today.
I’ve tried disabling all extra devices in the bios, I don’t see irq conflicts, the latency for the tdm card said 64. I tried a yum update with the spinlock fix.

I have run into mobo incompatabilities before, forcing me to abandon the system, but I wonder if anyone has ideas for a fix on this system or a similar experience? Anybody have an amd64 mobo they like which has onboard sata?

thanks for looking at my post!

After about a day of beating myself up, I installed trixbox which works just fine so far as far as voice quality. I did not have to install the nforce chipset drivers either as I had networking support from the get-go.

Sure wish I could have figured this out myself manually for the learning experience…