Choosing an Outgoing Line

I have analog lines and for caller id purposes I want to specify which line i want to dial out on.

One thought was setting up e.g. dial 8 for line 1 dial 9 for line 2. Is this the only/best way?

I have Polycom IP 600 phones with 6 buttons along the screen. Could I us those?


You could do something simple like this below; how many lines are we talking about?

Or you could use pattern matching to dial all calls that start with say 07 to go out line 1…

Or make sales extension dial out on line 1 and service on line 2.

I am not sure what you requirments are.

;Line 1
exten => _1.,1,Dial(Zap/1/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _1.,2,Hangup()

;Line 2
exten => _2.,1,Dial(Zap/2/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _2.,2,Hangup()

;Line 3
exten => _3.,1,Dial(Zap/3/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _3.,2,Hangup()