Checking voicemail kills server ?!


Occasionally (every few months) we get an instance where asterisk dies for no apparent reason. (i.e. process is running, but doing nothing, asterisk -r won’t connect to it)


In each instance the last “obvious” thing done was a voicemail check. I can see an odd entry in the log file;

[quote]Jan 30 09:21:31 NOTICE[31144] app_voicemail.c: Specified user ‘230@disabled’ not found (check voicemail.conf and/or realtime config). Falling back to authentication mode.
Jan 30 09:22:00 WARNING[31144] app_voicemail.c: Couldn’t read username[/quote]

But nothing else is apparent.
User insists they did a *98, checked messages deleted messages.
Put the phone down.
Picked phone up, did a *98 and nothing happened.
(then everyone else starts to scream)

Again, this has happened on two different / totally diverse systems. The latest instance just happened AFTER clearing down astdb, no previous occurrence for > 3 months. Does this sound familiar to anyone, is this a known issue ?