Checking if a voicemail box exists

Is it possible to check, if a voicemail box exists, if I specify an alias instead of the direct mailbox number? I currently cannot do that. If yes, how?

If I type voicemail show aliases, I see them. How must I refer to aliases to enter a mailbox?

For each user you specify the word “alias” ? I believe that only works with Directory() application.

I specify it in the voicemail main configuration file in a special context designed for aliases. I thought they are just aliases to refer to mailboxes, but in the documentation there is no information how to use them. I thought I can substitute regular mail box names for aliases, but this does not work. For example, it would be good to name mailboxes by user id in external database and refer to them later by aliases in a form of an extension. This would allow to mailboxes in case you change a user phone number (extension) and not do operating system things such as renaming the mailbox folder etc.

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