Check and restart asterisk and misdn

Hello to all,

Is there any way to do that the system checks if asterisk and misdn channel is running and If it is not running restart it automatically?

I have suse for it is necessary to know.

Thank you for your support :smiley:

Asterisk 1.6 has a script called safe_asterisk it check for asterisk is running and restart if asterisk crash. You can do the same for misdn

Thank you so much.

Next installation will be with 1.6 and I will implement this but now I have 1.4. Is there any similar way in 1.4?

Thank you again

safe_asterisk is also part of 1.4. Note it doesn’t check whether it is running, but rather forms the parent process and waits for Asterisk to terminate. If it doesn’t terminate with a normal completion status, it re-invokes it.

If you installed properly from source, it should already be in use.