Chanspy (core dumped)

when i dial 6008 ,it is connected ,but i can’t able to hear the voice of the any one.
when coversation between the 6002 to 6006.
in my Console mode i got the following comment

*CLI> – Executing [6006@from-sip:1] Dial(“SIP/6002-08590248”, “SIP/6006|15|tr”) in new stack
– Called 6006
– SIP/6006-08594188 is ringing
– SIP/6006-08594188 answered SIP/6002-08590248
– Executing [6008@from-sip:1] ChanSpy(“SIP/6004-08589040”, “SIP/6006|wq”) in new stack
== Spying on channel SIP/6006-08594188
[Nov 11 15:19:37] NOTICE[8974]: app_chanspy.c:202 start_spying: Attaching SIP/6004-08589040 to SIP/6006-08594188
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
linux:~ #

please reply reg . this issue.